ELA Glass Mosaic Tiles


Ela Glass MosaicTiles are manufactured in Turkey, a country renowned for many centuries for its beautiful glass and mosaic production. By choosing an Ela mosaic you ensure the success and appearance of your project.

Ela Glass MosaicTiles are manufactured from recycled glass and are available in a range of 28 colours,

Ela Glass Mosaic Tiles are highly suitable for Swimming Pools, Spas, Bathrooms and Kitchens. They are suitable for both chlorine and salt water pools.

Ela Glass Mosaic Tiles are guaranteed against colour fade or manufacturing faults.

Ela Glass Mosaic Tiles use a dot mounted system which complies with Australian Standards AS3958.1.2007. This standard relates to the available space on the back of the tiles for the adhesion of glue.


Hayda also carry an extensive range of glass mosaic tiles from other manufacturers. These include entire ranges from Ezarri, Trend Tiles and Bisazza. Hayda offer these at competitive prices and are always happy to provide a quotation on any of these products.