Our Process


These days it seems like nothing is built to last – most products have a life span just a little longer than the standard warranty. At Hayda, we believe that it’s better to do a job once with the best quality materials rather than revisiting a project to replace the ‘cheaper’ option a few years later, often at double the cost.

That’s why Hayda has such strict rules and policies about every single piece of Sandstone and Travertine distributed by our organisation. We demand quality from our suppliers so you can rest assured knowing that you’re using the best available material that will last.


All Hayda natural sandstone is hand-mined without using industrial tools. This ensures hairline cracks do not develop at the mining stage. Our Himalayan-based Quality Assurance Team works closely with miners operating in the Himalayan foothills to ensure our sandstone is cut in accordance with our strict calibration rules, dimensional tolerances and surface finish requirements.

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Our quality assurance program ensures all Hayda natural sandstone is extremely consistent in size, colour and texture and requires little to no maintenance once installed. Our minimal variation policies ensure our products are very easy to work with, which in turn reduces the amount of fabrication work required onsite.