Customisation Services

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Hayda offer a range of on site customisation services. Hayda is able to cut and shape stone to give the perfect finish.

  • On site cutting and shaping of “freeform” swimming pools to give the perfect finish.  Our process totally eliminates the faceted or “50 cent look”.

  • Balconies and stairs are expertly shaped to avoid sharp angles or curves.

  • Wall cappings with a square, pencil rounded or bull nosed finish. A tiled, cement rendered or painted wall can be given that “finished look” by capping it with natural stone which matches your entire project. Whether you have used Himalyan Sandstone , Turkish Travertine or any other natural stone, capping the surrounding walls with the same stone completes the project. Hayda can provide the correct width of stone and finish the profile on site or in our factory, depending on your needs.