HIDE® Drain Covers

HIDE® Drain Covers

Available in 314mm square and range of depths to suit most applications. (see table below)

  • 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • 10 year warranty
  • Select your own inlay
  • Available in a range of depths
  • New of existing pools
  • On-site inlay install
  • Flush finish
  • Pedestrian traffic areas


You know you are purchasing a quality product when you receive a 10 year warranty.

And that’s exactly what you receive with a HIDE kit. We offer such a long-standing warranty because we’ve designed our lids to be set-and-forget. Hide lids are 100% safe, constructed of high-grade materials with a beautiful finish, and maintenance is required only occasionally. HIDE warranty covers the Safety Key, the Inlay Lid and the Edge Protector.

Meanwhile, other traditional landscape lid options can have durability issues which require regular, and often costly, lid replacement. Due to these durability issues, the homeowner usually receives little to no warranty coverage.

So which option would you rather?